Monday, July 11, 2011


Sometimes I want to go back in time
To be met my old time
To be a child
Without sins and vices

Sometime I want to go back in time
To be a baby
That have a heart
as pure as morning dew

But I know we can't
No matter what we tried
There aren't any way
To go back in time

The choices left
Is to change myself 
Cleanse my heart
with light inside

O Allah
A person won't change
If he doesn't want to change himself
So make me change myself

O Allah
For all my sins
I want to repent myself
Forgive me please

O Allah
If the causes is my eyes
Take it from me
So I wouldn't see what its not for me

O Allah 
If the causes is my ears
Do make me deaf
So I wouldn't hear a words of sins

O Allah
If the causes is my mouth
Make him silent from talking
So that no one would get hurt from me

O Allah
If the causes is the heart in me
make it pure
like the newborn babies

You've given us two ways
The way to heaven 
And the way to hell
Which one that was book for me

to those who take the path to heaven
for those who take vice verse

I'm not a perfect human being
I'm a human with a lot of sins
Do forgive me O Allah
The one who was hoping

Sources : Ar-Ra'd(13:11)

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