Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Housemate of the year. Shahir & Akmal. Sori  saddam anta tak pindah rumah lagi masa ni :p


Alhamdulillah all praise be to Allah SWT.

Finally the last lecture for this semester had been finished today.

Man I was so glad for it to happen.

Now is the time for all of us to focus on revising the knowldge 

that we got all over the year.

This semester sure had given me a valuable lesson and good experience.

A lot happened. Huhu. I can just smile.

The final exam will start sooner or later.

First we have to face the module that is  called 

Epidemiology an biostatistic.

Just a simple module that remind me of add math at school age.

But it is not as hard as it look. InsyaAllah I'll try my best for this module.

And then after the final module exam we'll face alot of exam

that include Cardiovascular system, the Respiratory system 

and the Epidemiology itself.

Do make dua'a for us.

'Man jadda wa jadda man kasala fashala"

'Who was trying will get the same as the effort he put, and who was lazy he'll fail'

More or less the meaning of this words.

I really want to get a higher marks for this upcoming exam.

I want it to be better than the last semester.

And InsyaAllah I'll put my effort into it.

this semester will be the alst semester for second year

and I don't want it to be wasted.

I want to be mumtaz, not for me but for Ummah.

They need me and I have to try hard for it. 

So guys, besides me myself, I really need you guys to pray for me also.okeh?

I think thats all for this post. There is nothing more to be update. I think la.

So goodbye and have a nice day.


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Nadia Havez said...

abanglong nampak lain.. huhu~